Who Is ASI Construction LLC?


ASI Construction LLC is a self-performing heavy-civil engineering contractor specializing in the construction and rehabilitation of dams (roller compacted concrete (RCC), earthfill, and conventional concrete), spillways, and other major water resource projects. We also offer many additional specialized services through our Marine Group including inspection, on-water/underwater construction, and maintenance.

Over the past 35-years ASI personnel have constructed 145 new dam and dam modification projects, including 35 new dams and 110 dam modification and remediation projects completed. ASI personnel have completed more than 20 seepage cutoff walls in dam foundations, utilizing numerous specialty geotechnical construction methods, including the deep soil mix (DSM) cutoff wall technology. ASI personnel have undertaken 12 of these projects in an ‘Early Contractor Involvement’ contractual arrangement.

ASI provides our clients innovative and cost-effective solutions to their complex projects. Sophisticated engineering and construction technologies, an honest commitment to fair business dealings along with a partnering approach to our work, and a genuine culture of safety and quality management are the foundations that we build on in all of our projects. ASI maintains an operations-driven focus where performance defines success in all aspects of our business.

Some of the highlights of ASI’s personnel's achievements in dam construction include:

1. Completion of the largest RCC dam in United States, with approximately 3.25 million cubic yards of RCC and mass concrete (Taum Sauk Dam, 2010); 5. ASI has worked on dam projects in 27 states within the US and on six major international dam projects, spanning 6 of the world’s continents.

2. Construction of Australia’s two largest new dams since the 1960’s, including the Cotter Dam Enlargement Project, which is the largest RCC dam in Australia (Cotter Dam, 2013 and Wyaralong Dam, 2011);

3. Three time recipient of the United States Society on Dams Award of Excellence in the Constructed Project (2013, 2010, 2007); the highest award a dam project can receive in the US;

4. Construction of the first high-hazard dam in the United States through design-build contracting with a public agency (2005);

5. ASI has worked on dam projects in 27 states within the US and on six major international dam projects, spanning 6 of the world’s continents.


Annual water resource construction in the United States has fluctuated between $2.6 and $3.1 billion since 2000. Continued strong population growth has created strong pressure to increase water storage and distribution system capacities throughout the nation. Wesley Seale Dam Spillway

Dams and reservoir systems are the most economic means to store and distribute municipal and irrigation water, as well as providing for flood control, hydroelectric power generating capacity, and recreational use. These multiple benefits have created a stable and steadily growing market for new dam construction.

More than 79,000 dams have been built for water supply, power, irrigation, flood control, and recreation in the United States. Many of these fail to meet modern engineering standards and most pre-1960’s-era facilities do not meet current regulatory safety criteria.

Existing dams have typically been designed for a service life of 50 years. Today, more than 30% of these structures have surpassed their original design life and require replacement or major rehabilitation, and before 2020 this figure will increase to 80% of dams in the nation.

Failures of aging dams can be catastrophic, with damage measured in lost lives, displaced communities, and multiple-millions of dollars. Recent dam failures throughout the country have brought the condition of our nations dams into the media and political spotlights, and many states have embarked on major upgrade requirements for dams.

Dam construction and rehabilitation is a technically challenging division of the water resources construction market. ASI’s client base includes Federal government agencies such as the US Army Corps of Engineers, US Bureau of Reclamation, NRCS and Fish & Wildlife Service, various State and Municipal government agencies, regional and local water infrastructure districts, and private hydroelectric power generation utilities.

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