ASI is committed to providing the tools and training necessary to ensure that all work activities are conducted in a safe manner. ASI’s commitment to safety is placed in front of production, realizing that long-term productivity cannot be sustained without continuous commitments to safety details from all levels of employment at ASI.

ASI’s safety program focuses on employee involvement, training, job hazard awareness, documentation, and program review. Safety at ASI is accomplished through the utilization of Project Safety Teams, comprised of management personnel and experienced crew members. Project Safety Teams conduct weekly site safety assessments to determine what safety actions are needed.

Further employee involvement is gained through daily toolbox talks, task planning sessions, topic-specific safety training seminars and ASI’s Near Miss Documentation Program. In addition to accident prevention, ASI focuses on incident prevention by requiring that all near miss incidents be recorded and immediately evaluated to mitigate future occurrences. Additionally, Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) workshops are conducted to involve employees in processes of job site hazard recognition. JHA’s are performed prior to the initialization of each major work phase in an effort to ensure that all work activities will be performed in the safest reasonable manner.

ASI’s commitment to safety is based on the belief that every person is entitled to a safe and healthful work place. Support of and direct interaction in ASI’s safety culture is a condition of employment for every person at ASI.

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