New Dam Construction

Since our founding, ASI's personnel have constructed over 35 new dams ranging in size from the $4.5 million Pine Brook Dam to the $450 million Taum Sauk Upper Reservoir Reconstruction Project, both of which received the US Society on Dams Award of Excellence in the Constructed Project Award. Constructing a new dam is a complex process and is best suited for those with a strong record of success. ASI is widely recognized as one of the few contractors capable of accomplishing all of the complex and challenging elements surrounding the construction of a new dam.

Some of ASI's personnel's New Dam projects can be found listed below.

Buckhorn Reservoir
Chase Gulch Dam
Deep Creek Watershed Dam 5D
Dry Creek Dam
Franklin Dam
Genesee Dam
Hickory Log Dam
Hunting Run Dam
Little Puerco Wash
Milton Seaman Spillway
Pine Brook Dam And Reservoir
Randleman Lake Dam
San Juan Chama
Tie Hack Dam And Reservoir

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