Our Experience

ASI Construction LLC is an industry leader in dam and water resource construction with over 30 years of experience. Our company is a self-performing heavy-civil contractor specializing in the construction and rehabilitation of dams (RCC, earthfill, and concrete), spillways and other major water resource projects – we also offer many additional specialized services through our Marine Services Group. Our clients include Federal, State and Private water resource owners; we operate throughout the USA and are expanding internationally.

Public Safety Improvements

The first ASCE report card for our nation’s infrastructure was published in 1998 and dams were given a D letter grade. Subsequent report cards published in 2001, 2003, 2005 and 2009 have also given dams a D grade and, according to the Association of State Dam Safety Officials (ASDSO) the number of high hazard deficient dams has swelled from 488 in 2001 to over 4,400 now. As dams, and other water resources infrastructures continues to age these structures and systems will require ever greater maintenance and upkeep. As experts in water resources infrastructure ASI will continue to work to provide safe and reliable water systems.

Regulatory Upgrades

With the heightened concerns surrounding terrorism and its potentially devastating effects on our society, the US Department of Homeland Security has established a dams sector in its counterterrorism division tasked with improving the security of our dams against a terrorist attack. With dams recognized in such a prominent role as a vital component and in need of vigorous protection, they are gaining much needed additional attention and associated funding. ASI has the expertise, equipment, and the capacity to participate in the upgrade and security of dams and water resources infrastructure.

Capacity Development

As populations continue to grow, and our water storage infrastructure continues to age, many water providers have begun to become concerned about securing future water supplies and increasing their water storage capacities. ASI has built, enlarged and rehabilitated over 100 dams in our 30+ year history and we will work on hundreds of these projects in the future. We have participated in every aspect of water storage projects, from feasibility studies and permitting through construction through operation and maintenance and we are proud to bring this expertise to our clients around the world.

Renewable Energy

Hydroelectric power is one of the most cost effective and sustainable means for energy production, a fact that is causing a large increase in hydropower projects around the world. Combined with a desire to become energy independent, the number of hydropower projects planned for the coming years is increasing dramatically. ASI personnel have worked on and constructed dozens of hydropower and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) regulated projects, and we are fully versed and familiar with all of the FERC regulations. Regardless of the type of project – pumped storage, existing facilities, expansions and enlargements, retrofits, ongoing operation and maintenance issues, etc. – ASI has the experience and expertise for the job.

Flood Control

Recent and dramatic flooding has underscored the critical importance of providing safe and reliable flood control systems for communities around the world. Many existing flood control systems are in poor condition and in need of upgrades, repair, and complete removal and replacement. As leaders in the water resources infrastructure market, ASI understands the critical role flood control system play and the complex requirements for their design, construction and maintenance. We are adept at working with a wide range of clients to solve these critical issues in timely and cost effectively ways.

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