Dam Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation of existing dams is the largest market -within the water resources construction marketplace. There are roughly 650,000 dams around the world, which all require regular maintenance, repair and rehabilitation in order to continuing functioning in a safe and reliable manner. ASI has worked on virtually every type of dam, spillway, valve, gate and related structure and we enjoy the challenge of rehabilitating these existing structures.

The majority of existing dams are in excess of 50 years old and were constructed at a time when spillways and hydraulic structures were designed to pass floods smaller than what modern studies show is possible. Also, as populations grow, more and more people are living downstream of existing dams, which often requires their spillways to be upgraded. ASI has worked on dozens of spillways – from construction to removal and replacement – and we have constructed and maintained fixed crest spillways, concrete structures, training wall, and hydraulic, electric, and manually actuated gates and valves.

Some of ASI's personnel's dam rehabilitation projects can be found listed below.

Fish Creek Reservoir
Indiana Army Ammunitions Plant
Littlerock Dam and Reservoir
Loch Raven Dam
Marrowbone Creek Dam No. 1
Monument Lake Dam
Piute Dam
Standley Lake Dam
Tom Miller Dam
Upper Stillwater Dam
Wesley Seale Dam Spillway
Yellow River Dam Y-17

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